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Frequently Asked Questions - Bootcamp

What is included?

3 mixed sessions per week, a food guide to follow with tailored calories to suit your goals, group support throughout, before and after photos and measurements and progress tracked throughout.

What type of workouts can I expect?

We provide a wide range of workouts. Our main focus is strength work. A lot of our sessions involve weights and are equipment based whilst others are minimal equipment and focus on cardio and core work. We also sometimes include boxing in the workouts. We like to keep each session fun whilst working you hard at the same time.

Will I be fit enough for bootcamp?

We cater to everyone in our bootcamp. You will be pushed throughout bootcamp to try your hardest but at your own pace. We provide different options on exercises for different fitness levels. If you have any health concerns, we do recommend seeking guidance from your GP before signing up to any classes.

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss occurs when you are in calorie deficit. Your results will be a reflection of your efforts. At the beginning of bootcamp we will provide a food plan for you in which we calculate your calorie deficit. If you follow the plan and attend the sessions, you will see a change in your body! We like to track progress with photos and measurements and recommend only getting on the scales at the beginning and at the end of the bootcamps as your weight can fluctuate throughout the day due to a number of factors.

Will bootcamp help me get stronger in pole classes?

Yes. For anyone looking to increase strength for pole, these sessions will help with this. We include a lot of bodyweight and core based exercises in bootcamp which are essential for pole fitness.

There will be seperate pole specific based strength classes coming in future.

What is the cancellation policy?

To secure your space, a £30 non refundable deposit is required. If you have paid the full amount for the bootcamp and cancel prior to starting, we will refund you the amount minus the deposit. 

Once you have started bootcamp, any sessions missed will not be refunded or carried forward to the following month. You can however catch up on your sessions within the same month. For example, if you sleep in and miss the AM session, you can attend the PM session to make up for it.

Frequently Asked Questions - Pole

What should I wear?

Ideally, it is best to wear shorts and sports bra with vest top/t-shirt. In pole, we need our skin to help us grip to the pole so it’s impossible to do most moves fully clothed. I always suggest wearing leggings or joggers on top of your shorts until you feel comfortable enough to take them off as I know that wearing minimal clothing can be nerve-racking for some.
Classes are barefoot and please remember to remove your jewellery before class.

Do I need to be strong and flexible?

No! Regardless of your current levels of strength and flexibility, pole is for everyone. Pole fitness will help you build on your strength and flexibility, so don’t worry if you don’t feel strong enough.

Are people judgemental?

No. Everyone that attends classes are super supportive of each other. Outside of classes, people may have different opinions but as long you enjoy it, that’s the main thing. People will always have an opinion but I can honestly say, for the main part, people admire the strength and determination that goes into pole fitness and it is becoming more recognised as a sport now.

Is there an age limit?

Classes are 16 years + but there is no limit. Some people don’t start until their 50’s/60’s and are incredible.

16 - 18 years old must have consent from a parent/guardian.

How long will it take to get upside down?

Everyone is different. Some people get upside down quite quickly and some may take a little while to get upside down. This is known as inverting. Inverting requires a lot of core work so there are plenty of exercises to be done during classes and at home that can help with this.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellations less than 36 hours are non-refundable. Any cancellations with more than 36 hours notice can be either refunded or rearranged.

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