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A Little Bit About Us

I am Toni (the older sister unfortunately) and I set the business up in September 2019. 

I believe that everyone should have at least one hobby that they do purely for enjoyment and to find a little release from the daily stresses that life can often present. Pole was my hobby that I found. When I first started, I had very little self-confidence and felt a little lost in life. When attending pole classes I loved the atmosphere, the support, the challenge and just everything about it. 

I came to a point however where I was no longer progressing, and I decided to work on my strength outside of pole, in fitness classes and in the gym. When I started weight training, I found something else that I absolutely loved, and I knew I wanted to be able to share my passion of fitness/pole fitness with others. 

I completed my pole instructor and personal training qualifications, and my first client was…Dana Deary (younger sister). She wanted to lose some weight for her holiday that year and I wanted to gain some experience. At first, Dana was a lot like myself and didn’t enjoy exercise but once she started to see changes in her body and she started lifting heavier weights, I could tell that she loved it as much as I did. She had found her hobby, she was back to her lively energetic self and I could see that she was proud of herself and I was also incredibly proud of her.

So, we decided to team up in 2020 to help others find that hobby that you do, to give yourself one hour per day purely to yourself, to forget about everything else that’s going on and to focus on you. Have a laugh, feel stronger, make mistakes, learn from them, get to know new people and just enjoy the experience. We want to help you achieve your goals whilst also enjoying the process throughout.

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